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    About Us

    About Company

    We are a customer-centred company that puts service delivery as our promise. With nearly sixteen years of experience, Relocating, Cleaning and Storing formany companies, families and individuals, we’ve never pausedto listen and learn from our customers. Our belief is ‘Customised Service’ and we value in the long-term relationship we build with our contractors and customers to deliverpersonalised, high quality, value-added and cost-efficientMoving Support Solutions. We treat each customer and project with utmost professionalism, as we know that is what our clients expect.From the moment you get in touch, we manage all aspects of your requirementto your utmost satisfaction.

    Our Core Value

    We will keepour clients at the heart of everything we do.

    Our Team

    Our strength is our team consisting of attentive experts who specialise in the various aspects of moving solutions.To grow into the best in their particularjob, our staff members go through extensive cross training sessions with equipment, skills, packings, detergents etc and enhance their abilities to match the company’shigh standard we have maintained for.

    Just like we pay attention about our customers – we also care about the wellbeing of our staff. Its crucial to us to pay our staff fairly. We believe the secret of our rapid growth is ‘ Better pay, better team, better service’.

    Why Choose Us?

    High Quality- We will never fail our customers.

    No obligation Video survey.

    Excellent Service- We trust in repeat custom and we aim to achieve this by deliveringreliable and committed work and service that is par excellence.

    Last Minute Bookings – We are well equipped and cross trained to accept any last minute jobs providing fast and cost effective service generating high customer satisfaction.

    Sustainability – We are a company with a “green” culture we practice and emphasise on reduce, reuse and recycle.